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Single-handedly responsible for defining a sound and building a lexicon of bass music unique to India, Nucleya aka Udyan Sagar is undoubtedly the country’s most popular independent artist. As a trailblazer of the desi bass movement in India, Nucleya’s role in developing the genre in the country is no less significant than what Skrillex did for dubstep in the United States. It’s no coincidence then that Nucleya has opened for international touring acts and bonafide stars like Skrillex, Major Lazer, Diplo and Flux Pavillion in India.

The 3 winners selected from the Music category for Moto Spotlight 2.0 will get a chance to interact and jam with our Music mentor, Nucleya, to contribute towards making a music video which gives an Indian twist to the iconic 'Hello Moto'.

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