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hello moto

This is it! Check out the great collaboration between the Moto Spotlight 2.0 Mentors and Winners! Presenting the Indian avatar of Hello Moto!

Download the hello moto track below!

About Spotlight

About Spotlight

In 2015, Moto set out on a journey across the country to put the Spotlight on some of the country’s most talented Bands.

And after touring 11 cities and receiving 1000’s of entries, we got the country to notice 30 bands who performed in 11 cities and were crowned as Spotlight Winners.

This time, Spotlight is going to be bigger and better. Because this year, it’s not just great musicians we are after, we have 4 different categories of artists who will get to feature in the Indian avatar of the iconic Hello Moto.

  • Music
  • |
  • Photography
  • |
  • Art
  • |
  • Film

So dust off your drums, pack your cameras, polish the films, and sharpen your pencils
This is your time to Shine On.


  • 04categories
  • 04mentors
  • 12winners

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